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Japan Tour

Third show in Japan, DGM & Elvenking will Rock in Tokyo @ Shinjuku MARZ.

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Japan Tour

Second show in Japan, this time DGM & Elvenking will play in Nagoaya @ Osu RAD HALL.
Don't miss it!!!

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Japan Tour

DGM will back in Japan for the second time thanks to EVPro Asia management.
This time the band will be together with their friends Elvenking for all the Japanese gigs.
There will be also some special guests as the Japanese bends Ancient Myth and Raksnasa
The first show will be in Osaka @ Shinsaibashi SOMA.
See you there!!!

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Frontiers Metal Festival

Frontiers Records is excited to announce the first edition of the FRONTIERS METAL FESTIVAL which will be held on Sunday, October 30th at the Live Club in Trezzo Sull'Adda (Milan), Italy.
After the success of the first three editions of the Frontiers Rock Festival, the Italy based label decided to create a spin-off event to highlight the incredible talent of the heavier bands on the roster. The bill is made up of seven international and Italy based bands, all of whom will please fans of the power and progressive metal genres. TRICK OR TREAT will kick off the festival, playing songs from their awesome new record, "Rabbits' Hill Pt. 2," which will be released on July 8th. Spanish metallers LORDS OF BLACK, featuring new Rainbow singer Ronnie Romero, will follow with their exciting mixture of classic heavy metal combined with power and prog metal. From there, DGM, an Italian band, who will release their highly anticipated eighth album, "The Passage" on August 26th, will take the stage and show of their incredible progressive metal stylings. With no rest for the wicked, Italian symphonic metallers SECRET SPHERE will take the stage, spearheaded by the fabulous singer Michele Luppi, now keyboardist and background singer in Whitesnake. The Festival will continue on with a theatrical approach - Prog and Symphonic - from the magnificent German band VANDEN PLAS. Their live return to Italy is certainly one of the most anticipated events of the day. The two headliners will be: LABYRINTH - a new Frontiers signing, recently finalized - one of the most successful Italian metal bands of all time, which will see the return of singer Roberto Tiranti to the line-up, who will offer a live rendition of their classic masterpiece "Return to Heaven Denied" from start to finish, in addition to some of the most acclaimed songs from their storied catalog. The last slot of the evening could not have been left to anyone else other than Germany's mighty PRIMAL FEAR, one of the most successful metal bands around, fresh off the successful, chartbusting album "Rulebreaker," which charted in their home country of Germany, as well as in the United States and many other countries around the world.

Doors will open at 14.00 hrs.
Early bird tickets, available until June 30th, will cost 31.00 EURO (+ presale).
Then the price will go up to 35.00 EURO (+ presale) until the day of the Festival. Tickets purchased on the show day will cost 39.00 EURO.
Metalheads all over Europe YOU SIMPLY CANNOT MISS THIS SHOW!


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Chez Paulette Rock Pub

DGM will share the Chez Paulette stage Sunday 23rd October with the BelgianMax Pie and two French guyests as Amon Sethis and Sacred Seal
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DGM are proud to announce their first gig for the new album in their hometown.
The Jailbreak live club will be the location for this very special show, the band will announce soon other guests. DGM Facebook page
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Prog Stage Fest

DGM are proud to announce their partecipationa at Prog Stage Fest together with Circus Maximus and Haken
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Modena Metal Ink

DGM will take part at the Modena Metal Ink Saturday 1st October.
This is an awesome metal festival and a tatoo convention to, more bands will share the stage in that evening and few of these names are our friends Trick Or Treat and Theatres Des Vampires that will be headliner of the fest.

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Eleven Rock Fest

DGM will take part at the Eleven Rock Fest Saturday 24th of September.
Myrath will headline this fest and the stage will be shared also by Influence X

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Last show Paris for the Hydra Productions tour.
DGM will end this journey in France together with Neo Prophet before back in Italy for other shows.

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Third show in the Netherlands promoting the new album ""The Passage"" under overview of Hydra Productions management.

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Moonlight Music Hall

Second show for DGM with the Hydra Productions management.
Always Neo Prophet and Max Pie on board as special guest for this evenging.

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Titans Club

Hydra Productions proudly present the first gig of a little tour around Europe with DGM as headliner.
The band will promote the new album "The Passage" and two other bands will share the stage with the Italian progster: Neo Prophet and Max Pie

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Sinistro Fest

DGM will be headliner of the 2016 edition of SINISTRO FEST.
The Festival will take place in the wonderful region of Tuscany in Italy on Saturday 10th September, the shows will start at 18:00 pm C.E.T.

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The Passage - 2016

WARNING!!! The orders about "The Passage" will be worked starting from September 1st 2016

European CD Orders
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Momentum - 2013

Synthesis - DVD + CD - 2010

Frame - 2008

Different Shapes - 2006

Misplaced - 2004

Hidden Place - 2001

Dreamland - 2000

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Wings Of Time - 1998

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Change Direction - 1996

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Random Access Zone - 1994

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Simone Mularoni


Emanuele Casali


Mark Basile


Andrea Arcangeli


Fabio Costantino

Present Days

In March 2016 the band signed a multi-deal album with Frontiers Records and their now releasing their 9th full lenght of their career: The Passage
It is the culmination of almost 20 years of hard work that started back in 1997 with the release of their self-produced mini-album, Random Access Zone.
The band went through several incarnations and lineup changes during the years, but since singer Mark Basile joined the group in 2007, DGM evolved and developed their sound into what they have now become..

It was probably the release of Frame (2007) that pushed the band into the top of the league of international prog metal.
It was also on the strength of this material that DGM managed to tour for almost four years around the world, taking part in some of the biggest metal festivals, supporting Symphony X on their European tour, and sharing the stage with Pagan's Mind too.
In 2013, DGM came back with Momentum, an album which showed the full stylistic maturity of a band which felt fully confident with their abilities, both on the songwriting and the musicianship side.
The last album was promoted with more shows and after several gigs in Europe, they performed for the second time at ProgPower USA and started their first Asian tour in November 2014 playing Beijing, Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka as headliners.

The new album, The Passage is another substantial step forward for DGM.
Sounding like a hungry, urbanized version of Symphony X, with substantial hard rock influences, the new record is remarkable in several aspects.
The compositions are phenomenal, with sweeping choruses, technical passages, lightning fast fretwork, big vocals and bombastic transitions.
The playing is simply faultless and the melodies are perfectly woven into the killer guitars, epic keyboards, and pounding drums!

"This album can easily be seen as our most ambitious work to date," says guitarist and producer Simone Mularoni.
"This time we tried to evolve to an even more personal sound. We took all the elements we developed through all these years and we tried to take them to the limit. Throughout the whole record you will hear a recurrent musical theme. Instead of doing a usual concept album with the lyrics, we decided to do a sort of musical concept with this melody that repeats in every song but every time with different time signatures and keys," tells drummer Fabio Costantino.
"This album will offer to the listener a key for a positive dimension. A path made of sound vibrations: The Passage to our dreams and hopes," concludes bassist Andrea Arcangeli.

DGM originally formed in 1994 as an entirely instrumental band.
Their first official release is the self-produced mini CD Random Access Zone but the full album comes out in November '97: Change Direction.
The album received great responses everywhere: Italy, Germany, Finland, Denmark, etc. which prompted to start an Italian tour that gave the band the reputation as one of the most promising progressive Italian act in those years.

With the new drummer Fabio Costantino(ex-Carnal Raptor), thanks to his great technical experience and his fine musical taste, DGM entered the studio for their incredible second album: Wings Of Time (top album on the most important Italian magazines "Metal Shock", "Flash" and "Metal hammer"). In Japan the CD sold over 4.000 copies in the first 10 days. The band was also contacted by BURRN! for an exclusive interview that enlarged DGM reputation in the worldwide musical scene.

Before their third studio album release, Titta Tani joined the band, becoming the new DGM singer. 'Dreamland' saw the light of day in December 2001.

In springtime 2001 Andrea Arcangeli (Hevidence, Noveria, Solisia) became the new DGM bass player just before the Italian dates for 'Dreamland' promotion.

In 2002 Scarlet Records took the Italian musicians under their wings, asking them to sign a contract and laying the foundations of a new album.

Hidden Place was released in May 2003 and was destined to be another hot shot for the band, with a new progressive sound from the new keyboards player Fabio Sanges (Abstracta). The fourth album received excellent reviews on all the magazines and web magazines from all over the world and it was time for DGM to take part at the Gods Of Metal (2003 edition).

Misplaced was born in February 2004; What people heard in this 8 tracks CD was a great example of Prog-Power at its best coupled with catchy melodies, hard rock sound, power walls of pure metal and dreaming solos and a great production thanks to great work of Giuseppe Orlando's (Novembre) Outer Sound studio. Like 'Hidden place', also 'Misplaced' has been considered by both the magazines and the audience a great album, and several live dates followed the release.

In 2005 Simone Mularoni (Empyrios) replaced Diego Reali, Simone is considered simply a genius of the six strings, who naturally owns the peculiar DGM sound. With Simone DGM had the possibilities to reach a more fresh sounds due to his metal influences and his experience as a sound engineer and producer at the Fear Studios. With such a great axe man DGM needed another monstrous keyboard player able to be the right arm of Simone,Emanuele Casali (Astra, ex-Empyrios) was the best and only possible choice after Fabio Sanges left.

Simone and Emanuele gave to the new songs a renewed touch of class and the result of his experience is all included in Different Shapes released in 2007. The media claims 'Different Shapes' as the best work of DGM so far, a beautiful production managed Simone himself made Rock Hard and Metal Hammer awarding it as TOP ALBUM.

In February 2007 DGM announced Mark Basile (B.R.A.K.E., ex Mind Key) as the new singer of the band. Mark was chosen among several auditions throughout Italy, Europe and America after Titta Tani left the band.

In Autumn of 2008 DGM give light to the sevnth album of their career: Frame

Frame represent a turn towards aore fresh and modern sound for the band. It's considered by fans one of the best album ever.
With this album the band push their fame on a higher level; they toured for almost 4 years around the world.
They took part to the biggest metal fest and supported Symphony X on thei european tour, sharing the stage with Pagan's Mind to.

In 2013 DGM are back with a new studio album Momentum.
This album is the full stylistic maturity of a band now on top of its game, collecting 11 new songs made of beautiful melodies, classy arrangements and top notch musicianship.
To add an extra value to an already astonishing album, DGM have tapped legendary singer Russell Allen (Symphony X, Adrenaline Mob) to guest on the opening track 'Reason', and Norwegian guitar virtuoso Jorn Viggo Lofstad (Pagan's Mind) to contribute with a solo on the track 'Chaos'.
Three years of hard live activity pushed the band to tour around the world, they played for the second time at the famous Prog Power USA and toured for the first time Japan as headliner.
All these events helped the band visibility to an higher level 'till the new deal with Frontiers Records.


Fourth Video Single
Ghosts Of Insanity
Lyric Video
The Secret Pt.1
Audio track from "The Passage"
First Video Single
"The Passage"
Official EPK
Video Single from "Momentum"
Video Single from "Momentum"
Video Single from "Frame"


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